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Protek Jointing Compound

PROTEK BASE JOINTING COMPOUND is a tough universal water based filler compound ready to use straight from the pail for both external and internal applications to bridge joints on expanding and retracting substrates. It is a flexible co-polymer acrylic jointing compound.

PROTEK BASE JOINTING COMPOUND will retain its elastomeric ability enabling it to be used in many applications such as:

  • Flush out joints in pre cast concrete slabs and pre-stressed flooring systems
  • Cement sheet abutments
  • Gap filler to off form concrete
  • Patch repair with alkali resistant fibreglass mesh to joints.
  • Expansion joint filler
Technical Data Sheet
  • Minimum shrinkage
  • Has excellent keying ability
  • Is compatible to all Protek construction products and virtually all substrate building materials.
  • Extremely resistant to all forms of fungicides or bacteria
  • Environment and applicator friendly.

1st Step: Apply PROTEK BASE to substrate.

2nd Step: Place alkali resistant mesh into Joint where required.

3rd Step:Re-Apply one coat of PROTEK BASE and flush outer joints to a feather edge.

4th Step: After 4 hrs drying time Joint will be ready for chosen Finishing product.

Wash up in water before full cure. Dispose in accordance with all state and local government requirements.