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Protek Flushing Compound

PROTEK TOP COAT FLUSHING COMPOUND is a water based high-performance compound specifically formulated for the professional joint flushers in mind and is suitable for applying as a second and finishing coat.

PROTEK TOP COAT is specifically formulated to provide superior flexibility enabling it to be used in many applications where movement in substrate and cracking is likely with traditional jointing compounds. Suitable for :

  • Fibre cement sheeting over timber and steel frame
  • Polystyrene over timber and steel frame
  • Panel Build Systems
Technical Data Sheet
  • Minimum shrinkage and maximum flexibility
  • Has excellent keying ability
  • Is compatible with PROTEK BASE COAT
  • Extremely resistant to all forms of fungicides or bacteria
  • Environment and applicator friendly

Wash up in water before full cure. Dispose in accordance with all state and local government requirements.